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Thermal Spray Coatings

Thermal Spray Coatings

Thermal Spray Coatings dramatically improve the performance of your components, in particular adding hardness and wear resistance properties.

High Value Components, High Wear Environments…think HVOF.

HVOF applied coatings have the characteristic of a strong bond, dense material that can be layered to a thick coating with a very low porosity. Using a variety of materials, we can create a custom coating to suit your application. Popular materials include:

Tungsten Carbide,  Nickel Alloys, Titanium, Stellite 6, Ceramics, Chromium Oxide & More

B&B can provide both HVOF and Flame Spray applied coatings and have a wide range of different coating powders. We have a KUKA robotic arm, CO2 cooling system and on sight metallurgical laborratory. This ensures a high quality finish on every project. We can coat parts with a maximum diameter of 500mm and a maximum length of 1500 meters.

HVOF: The Process

High Value Components, High Wear Environments…think HVOF.

HVOF stands for High Velocity Oxygen Fuel. During the process powdered material is fed into a spray machine. Here it is heated up and shot out at high velocities, reaching speeds faster than a jumbo jet. In the split seconds it travels, the material liquefies and impacts the surface, often impregnating the base metal. This creates coatings with incredibly high bond strength and will improve the hardness and wear resistance of a wide range of materials.

B&B’s coating is applied using state of the art HVOF gun, and utilises a KUKA robotic arm to ensure repeatability and absolute control of the coating process. We have an onsite metallurgical laboratory to ensure quality of all coatings.

HVOF: Applications

One of the great advantages of HVOF as a process is that it’s very versatile process. We can use a range of different powdered materials in order to suit your bespoke applications. As an example a combination of Tungsten Carbide, Nickel and Chrome is popular with our valve customers.

HVOF applied coatings are most commonly used in extreme environments and examples of parts that can benefit from the process include:

Examples of parts that can benefit from the process include: Gate and Ball Valves, Rock Drilling Bits, Down Hole Tools, Hydraulic Piston Rods, Print Rollers, Fluid Seals, Aerospace engine components, and Turbine Blades. As an additive process, HVOF can also be used in the repair and reclamation of worn parts. HVOF is an additive process and as such we can build up layers of material and then grind or lap to provide a smooth finish.

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