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CNC Milling

CNC Milling

B&B Precision 9 CNC Milling Machines with a maximum component size of 1626mm x 813mm x 1062mm

B&B Precision offer high quality machining of small to medium parts. As sub-contract machinist we are more than used to working with a wide variety of sectors and components. We have extensive knowledge of machining nearly all metals which includes ‘exotic’ and hard material. We have invested heavily into the business in the last few years, meanining not only do we have up to date machines capable of producing high precision parts in less time, but that we have experienced staff to run them. We can produce a wide rane of components to your specifications and are fully ISO certified, with AS9100 pending. 

Our Machines:

​Haas VF6 Vertical Machine Centre - 1626mm x 813mm x 1062mm

2x Haas VF-4 VMC X Vertical Machine Centres   - 1270mm x 635mm x 508mm

Hurco BMC 40 Vertical Machine Centre - 1020mm x 760mm x 760mm

Haas VF2-SS Vertical Machine Centre - 762mm x 406mm x 508mm

Haas TM1-P Vertical Machining Centre - 762mm x 305mm x 406mm

3x XYZ 1500 Manual Milling Machines - Fitted with 2 axis anilam digital readout. Table Size 230mm x 110mm

B&B Precision are based in a modern production facility in Huddersfield, just off the M1. 

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