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Products & Services

Products & Services

B&B Precision offer our customers the supply of complete parts through our extensive machining, coating and grinding services. We are a growing sub-contractor who work across a variety of industries and materials. We offer competitive pricing on small to medium production runs and can work closely with your business to offer stock holding and shared capacity options.

CNC Milling: B&B Precision offer high quality machining of small to medium parts.We have 6 machines and are able to machine parts up to 1626mm x 813mm x 1062mm

Manual Milling: Alongisde our CNC offering, we also have 3 manual milling machines with a table size of 230mm x 110mm

CNC Turning: We have 8 machines and are able to turn parts with a maximum turning diameter of 549mm and a maximum length of 1130mm.

Manual Turning: We have 3 manual turners with a maximum swing of 650mm and a maximum distance between the centres of 2000mm.

Internal Grinding: Bores from 10mm (0.4") up to 500mm (20") in diameter can be ground up to 500mm (20") deep. 

Cylindrical Grinding: We are able to grind diameters from 3mm (1/8") up to 500mm (20") diameter and up  2800mm (110") in length.

Surface Grinding: Components up to a maximum size of  500mm x 2500mm can be surface ground.

EDM Wire Erosion: With a maximum Component size of 860mm x 580mm x 250mm

HVOF Coatings: We are able to provide a wide range of coatings including: Tungsten Carbide, Stellite 6, Chromium Oxide, Inconel and more

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