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Thermal Spraying: Uses In Industry

Thermal Spray is an excellent way to produce a hard coating for your component. With a wide range of different materials to use for coating, you can cost-effectively coat a component to give it the properties you require. Here’s how different kinds of coatings are popularly being used in different industries.
Bio- Medical
Can you imagine helping someone walk again? High grade coatings for the bio-medical industry are needed on things like artificial hip joints. The underlying aim is to ensure longevity, and maximize corrosive resistance. B&B can create customised coatings in order to suit your specifications.
Food Processing
Any coatings used in the food industry have to live up to the high standards of the FDA. They also have to stand up to high degrees of wear and corrosion and in some cases water resistance is crucial. Components in the food industry often have complicated geometry and this is where our investment with our KUKA robotic arm will ensure the best possible coating.
Solar Energy
Coatings can be used to boost the conductivity and expensive metals can be replaced and often outperformed using an alloy coating. This represents up to a 50% saving for some parts. Coating used in the solar energy sector need to have a long shelf life and be weather resistant.
A variety of materials can be engineered with thermal spray coatings to provide different degrees of electrical conductivity. Materials such as copper, aluminium and molybdenum are commonly used. This can greatly increase wear and is a more cost effective option then using expensive metals for their conductivity.
Industry Wide
Across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, aerospace and automotive corrosion protection is a key element in any coating. B&B Precision can produce coating that can easily stand up in an industrial environment. Materials such as oxide ceramics and metal alloys containing nickel and chromium are commonly used.
There are literally hundreds of different ways in which Thermal Spraying can help improve your product, the team here at B&B Precision are at hand to guide you as to what process and what coating will suit your needs the best.
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