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Should You Invest in HVOF?

The experts at B&B Precision are often asked about which technologies and processes are worth investing in. A number of clients have asked us about whether or not HVOF is worth the capital.


Let’s start off with what is usually top priority for most of our clients, the cost. The bad news on this front is that if you’re looking into buying your own equipment the return on investment is slow. HVOF spraying cannot be used for surface engineering of inner surfaces and this limits the amount of applications you’ll have for HVOF. Machinery and staff costs are also higher with HVOF than with other types of Thermal Spray Processes.

Although manual sprayers are available, in order to get a good finish we highly recommend you use a robot arm, like the advanced KUKA one that B&B Precision have. Even with this robot doing the spraying, safety and staff still have an impact on cost.

As with all thermal spraying processes, HVOF needs to be undertaken in a specialised booth, with dust extraction and sound attenuation facilities. This is the only way to ensure safety and considering the high velocities involved, safety is a crucial factor.


Due to the complexity involved with HVOF, you really need dedicated, experienced staff involved if you’re going to achieve good results on a consistent basis. Sourcing these staff should be at the forefront of your mind before you even look into the costs associated with equipment. 


HVOF is certainly an area where until costs go down it doesn’t make operational sense to invest at the moment. This is where companies like ourselves at B&B Precision can come in. We have the experts, we have the tech, we have the experience and when we combine all of that together we get great results for our clients.  Sub-contracting our services just makes common sense.

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